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Pilot Systems Implementation

Pilot Systems Implementation

We recognize that, in some cases, KnarrTek's standard Materials Tracking and Decision Support (MTDS) bundle will obviously meet all of an organization's tracking needs, except possibly for some customization of standard reports. In this case, it makes the most sense to immediately deploy one of these systems to solve an organization's operational tracking needs.

But there are also many cases where it is not clear, at the outset, whether one of these standard products will meet the organization's needs or whether a custom MTDS system will be required. These situations typically occur when an organization knows that it has need for a real-time decision support system but the details have yet to be defined. This situation also occurs where integration with MilramX is required to provide text or Email alerts or to implement custom interfaces to other systems, such as E-Commerce systems.

In these situations, we recommend that the client organization start with a Pilot implementation.

In such implementations, KnarrTek will install a standard MTDS bundle or a custom  set of modules onto one of KnarrTek's BellHawk Online servers and then use this as the prototype for the development of a custom system to meet the clients need using "Agile" development methods.

In such a Pilot project, the client organization is expected to pay for all support services labor from KnarrTek needed to work with the client until the system is ready for deployment. This payment comes in the form of pre-paid Support Services Bundles, starting with an initial Gold Services Bundle.

The client is not, however, expected to pay subscription fees for use of the software until the system is ready for operational deployment, at which point the software will typically be installed on the client's own computers.

Please click here to learn more about KnarrTek's  Agile Systems Implementation Process.

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