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KnarrTek Agile Development Process

Pilot Systems Implementation

In the agile development process, after initial setup, the client will test the current version of the software and determine what changes need to be made. They will then, working with KnarrTek's support team, document what changes are needed.

These changes will then be made by KnarrTek's technical staff, who will also charge their time against the client's prepaid support account.

This agile development process is then repeated until the tracking system meet's the client's operational needs.

In this process, it is recommended that testing be done with actual manufacturing and inventory production data in order to simulate as closely as possible the actual production conditions.

Interim operational deployments of the system may be made once enough of the system is working to solve one or more operational goals.

At some point in the process, one or more parallel agile processes may be started related to exchanging data with external systems.

These may be done using the DEX interface or may require the use of the MilramX software platform, especially if Email or text-message alerts need to be implemented for application specific situations.

Please click here to download a PDF describing KnarrTek's Pilot Systems Implementation Process and its benefits.