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KnarrTek Low Risk Solution Deployment Approach

KnarrTek Full Solution Deployment

A KnarrTek solution can be as simple as an inventory tracking system running on a Cloud computer managed by KnarrTek or it can span multiple computers running in multiple plants and warehouses and the client's own data center .

Based on over 100 successful deployments of its software, and the high rate(up to 75%) of failure of ERP system deployments (with which KnarrTek solutions are often used) the KnarrTek team recognizes that it is important to mitigate risk of deployment failure.

To minimize the risk of failure, KnarrTek takes the following approach:

  1. No payment for software until it has been running operationally for 60 days. No upfront commitment.
  2. Incremental deployment - start small in one area and then expand to others.
  3. Look for big initial win - to get everyone on board with using technology to track and manage operations
  4. Do data collection first - to get data for real-time decision making
  5. Use on-line Pilot to test out application before proceeding to deployment
  6. Purchase any needed support services incrementally, in as little as $1,000 increments, in the form of pre-paid support services bundles.
  7. Rent software and equipment out of operations budget to be sure this saves you money before committing to CapEx budget purchase.

Most implementation projects start out with a Pilot project, in which KnarrTek's clients get to use KnarrTek's BellHawk data collection and operations tracking software at no charge, over the Internet, on Windows Servers managed by KnarrTek, as part of KnarrTek's BellHawk Online service.

These Pilot projects may last from 30 to 60 days depending on the scope of the tracking project, from simple operations or materials tracking to more complex work-in-process tracking. During this time, the staff at KnarrTek will assist the client's team to get a BellHawk based system running with the client's own data so that the client's team can experience how their tracking process will work.

During this time, clients are expected to pay for the services provided by the KnarrTek team in working with the client's team, in the form of prepaid support services bundles.

Some of the services provided include:

Note that, during the Pilot phase:

Please click here to download a PDF document about KnarrTek's Pilot Implementation projects.

Please click here to learn about a Client's Options after the Pilot Phase

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