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KnarrTek Post Pilot Options for Deploying a BellHawk Barcode Tracking System

BellHawk in a Box

After the completion of the Pilot phase, clients can:

  1. For simple applications, continue to use the BellHawk Online services.
  2. For more complex applications, migrate to using BellHawk-in-a-Box, as shown above, installed at each plant or warehouse. This is generally the preferred configuration for most industrial organizations, where continuity of operations, barcode scanning speed, ability to print out barcode labels, and other such issues are of concern. Here the BellHawk system, implemented in the Pilot, is installed in a ruggedized industrial computer so that it can run 24x7 without any risk of Internet or Cloud-computing failure interrupting operations. At this stage, KnarrTek's staff works with the client's IT support organization for each plant to deploy BellHawk in a box at each site and possibly link each site to a centralized MilramX based system running in their private "Cloud".
  3. KnarrTek can assist the client's IT staff install BellHawk on a dedicated Windows Server in their own data center. Note that a dedicated server and not a shared server is required to run BellHawk for performance reasons. Also, the BellHawk label printing software will be required to be installed on a Windows Workstation, in each plant or warehouse, for high-speed label printing on barcode label printers.

Alternately Clients can choose to abandon the implementation of a barcode tracking system after trying out BellHawk in the Pilot phase. Here, all the client has invested is the time of its people and the cost of the time of the KnarrTek staff in helping the client's staff learn practically about the pros and cons of barcode tracking.

 This is typically much less expensive and far more effective than sending managers and staff off to a training course. Sometimes smaller organizations find that they are not yet ready, despite the benefits, to adopt the complexities of barcode data collection, nor the operational constraints and control that comes with i

Such organizations are better off with using paper forms and manual data entry until they have grown to the point where they need the operational control that a system like BellHawk can bring (often when they have two layers of management).

But, when they are ready, they will already have the institutional knowledge about what to do.

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