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KnarrTek enables barcode and RFID equipment resellers to close more sales by providing manufacturers and industrial distributors with systems they need to track and manage their operations.

This is a multi-billion dollars opportunity, each year in the USA, which is growing rapidly as manufacturers are reshoring their operations and opening new manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses in response to breakdowns in the global supply chain.

KnarrTek provides the needed software, services, and above all else, the expertise, to enable our partners to sell and deliver complete manufacturing execution and supply chain solutions without needing to invest in their own software development team.

Many barcode-inventory-tracking problems can be solved using traditional item-locator software, such as inventory tracking software from WASP, or asset tracking systems from Red Beam, which many barcode equipment resellers also sell.

But, when our partners  run into "Odd-Ball" materials tracking applications that cannot be readily solved using these item-locator systems, then they call KnarrTek at (774)-415-7878 and talk to a member of KnarrTek's team.

This is because they have probably run into a container-based tracking application, in which KnarrTek specializes.

Examples of these container-based tracking applications include:

Please see KnarrTek's Videos for information about KnarrTek's software and container-based inventory tracking methods.

KnarrTek has three separate partner programs:

  1. Referral Partner: for consultants and other influencers, who refer KnarrTek to their clients.
  2. Team Selling Partner: for Barcode and equipment resellers, who team-sell with KnarrTek in order to be able to deliver a complete inventory and/or work-in-process tracking solution.
  3. Systems Integrator Partner: for system integrators, who act as prime contractors for delivery of complete business solutions and then subcontract the supply of software and related services to KnarrTek.

KnarrTek recognizes that it is important to appropriately reward these people and organizations for referring and/or including KnarrTek in their sales opportunities

There is no cost to becoming a KnarrTek Partner but, by signing up as a partner, you do get a guarantee of receiving finders fees and/or being able to resell KnarrTek's software and services at a discount, for all the deals you register and bring to KnarrTek.

As a partner, we will also promote your organization on our website.

Please click here to download a PDF of the "KnarrTek Partner Programs Overview" which gives more details about our partner programs including referral fees and discount rates.

To become a partner, please contact for a copy of our Partner Agreement.

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