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KnarrTek Partner Opportunities

Job and Materials Tracking

KnarrTek's software and supporting services enable its partners to sell software, services, equipment, and supplies for real-time AI based operations tracking and management solutions to industrial organizations. 

This is an opportunity for our partners to increase their solution sales, in a multi-billion dollar marketplace, without needing to invest millions of dollars in developing their own proprietary software or in hiring experts in real-time artificial intellgence.

KnarrTek is actively seeking new partners who are:

  1. Systems Integrators
  2. ERP systems support organizations
  3. Supply chain managers
  4. Barcode and RFID equipment resellers
  5. Managed services providers

Please click here to download a PDF of the "KnarrTek Partner Programs Overview" which gives more details about our partner programs including referral fees and discount rates.

To become a partner, please contact for a copy of our Partner Agreement.

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