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KnarrTek assists industrial organizations to implement materials tracking and traceability systems, including work-in-process tracking and supply-chain information integration systems. KnarrTek does this by providing the BellHawk and MilramX software plus expert services from its staff who have in-depth experience gained in implementing many such systems over the past decade.

KnarrTek works directly with the IT and operations staff of larger organizations and as a sub-contractor to systems integration and project management organizations. It also runs a reseller partner program for resellers of barcode equipment, which enables these organizations to sell complete turnkey systems and receive a discount on the BellHawk software and the KnarrTek services they resell as part of these systems.

Implementing materials tracking and traceability systems involves many components:

1. Overall project management

2. Expertise in knowing how to solve materials tracking and traceability problems *

3. Software for performing materials tracking and traceability *

4. Barcode and RFID equipment and supplies

5. Computer and network infrastructure and IT support

6. Installation and setup of materials tracking and traceability software *

7. Training and support in using the materials tracking and traceability software *

8. Customization of the software to meet specific needs of an individual organization *

9. Information exchange with systems used by supply chain partners *

10. Data exchange with ERP and accounting systems.

KnarrTek works as a team member with its partners and can  directly provide the components marked with an * and work in a consulting capacity to assist its clients and partners implement the other aspects of these systems.

KnarrTek makes its money from recurrent revenue payments by clients for use of its materials tracking and traceability software and from payments from its specialized consulting and support services activities.

For those organizations that provide other components of these systems and want to sell complete solutions to their customers, KnarrTek can be a valuable partner because of the in-depth knowledge of its staff and its affordable materials tracking and traceability software.

With its partners sKnarrTek can simply work as an informal team member, as a subcontractor, or can enter into formal reseller agreement with a partner.

Please click here for more information about the KnarrTek Reseller Partner Program.