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In our experience, over 20% of all inventory and job tracking opportunities now require the tracking of containers of material, as opposed to simply tracking the quantity of inventory at a location, which is done by conventional inventory job and asset tracking, warehouse management, and ERP systems.

KnarrTek's BellHawk software performs container-based materials tracking & traceability and, as such, is uniquely positioned to enable our reseller partners to capture over 20% of the inventory management market, which was valued at over $3 Billion in the USA in 2022.

Many of these applications also require exchanging materials tracing and traceability data with other systems in the supply chain. KnarrTek's MilramX intelligent-agent middleware can enable our partners to also capture the integration services portion of this market opportunity.

KnarrTek provides the expertise, software and support services to enable our partners who already sell inventory, asset, and job tracking systems, as well as possibly ERP and warehouse management systems, to sell into materials tracking & traceability opportunities, which they would otherwise lose by not having software that can do what the prospective customer wants.

We also enable barcode and RFID equipment resellers to sell into this market segment by providing the expertise, software and supporting services to enable our partners to sell complete integrated solutions, at high margins, rather than just equipment and supplies at low margins.

Please click here to download a PDF of the "KnarrTek Partner Programs Overview" which gives more details about our partner programs including referral fees and discount rates.

To become a partner, please contact for a copy of our Partner Agreement.

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