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KnarrTek  Reseller Partner Opportunity


If you resell barcode scanners and printers, mobile computers, terminals, RFID equipment, weighing scales, and  other such equipment to industrial organizations then you should consider becoming a KnarrTek Reseller

KnarrTek's BellHawk Online and BellHawkRx services enable its reseller partners to deliver complete real-time operations tracking to their customers without the need to invest millions of dollars in the development and maintenance of their own software.

Partners can also rent this software to their clients for installation on their client's  own servers.

KnarrTek enables its partners to quickly deliver affordable operations tracking and management solutions to the hundreds of thousand of small and mid-sized industrial organizations in the USA that still need to transition from the use of paper forms and Excel spreadsheets to an automated data collection solution.

KnarrTek enables its Reseller Partners to quickly and profitably sell operations tracking systems into the following verticals:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Construction
  3. Food and Pharmaceutical Processing
  4. Defense and Aerospace
  5. Repair, Recycling, and Refurbishment

KnarrTek also provides an affordable inventory tracking solution for  many industrial and medical supply chain, distribution, and warehousing applications where materials traceability is required and where operations such as repackaging, relabeling, and refurbishment are performed.

Please click here for more information about the KnarrTek Reseller Partner Program.