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Engineering Project Applications of KnarrTek Software


Examples of engineering applications that have used the software supplied by KnarrTek include the following projects where the KnarrTek MTDS software has been used to track and manage the flow of materials needed for implementing:

In each case, engineering produces a design that starts life within a computer aided design (CAD) system. Bills of Materials (BOMs) are then exported from the CAD system to the MTDS System where they become purchase orders to buy materials and work orders to make components, as well as to make sub-assemblies and then final assemblies, which are shipped to the customer.

Some of the ways that the KnarrTek software is able to assist in this process are:

  1. Generating Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Ship Orders from the BOM data from the CAD system.
  2. Tracking the receipt of raw materials against these purchase orders.
  3. Tracking materials designated for different projects and keeping them separate
  4. Tracking the machining/production and inspection of components by piece mark that corresponds to the CAD drawings
  5. Tracking assembly of components into assemblies, again with piece mark tracking
  6. Tracking packing of components into bundles and boxing of fittings ready for shipment
  7. Tracking assemblies, bundles, and boxes of fittings as they are loaded onto a truck/trailer for shipment to the customer site. This can be compared with the bills-of-materials derived from the CAD system.
  8. Feeding materials cost data to ERP, accounting or project management system.
  9. Maintaining materials traceability records from finished assemblies back to all the materials that went into them.

Some big benefits that the KnarrTek software provides for engineering organizations involved in design-to-make projects are:

  1. Ability to prove that parts were shipped to the customer site. This prevents losses due to having to ship replacement parts using expedited shipping at no-cost to the customer's installation crew.
  2. Ability to automatically generate electronic traceability records for each assembly and component to give to the customer at the completion of the project. This can save a large amount of labor at the end of each project.
  3. Ability for managers and supervisors to see electronically the progress of each part of a complex project. This can be supplemented by electronic alerts when any aspect of the project is falling behind.
  4. Ability to capture the costs of materials for a project. This enables detailed analysis of how well the organization performed and also gives a basis for subsequent bid and proposal activities.
  5. Ability to track materials purchased for individual projects and to keep them clearly separated. This can avoid problems with project audits by customers, especially on cost-plus and similar projects.
  6. Ability to track and manage revisions to designs and to make sure that the correct revisions of components go into the correct revision of each assembly.

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