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Construction and Engineering Project Applications of KnarrTek's Software

Building Construction

The KnarrTek software has been used to track and manage the materials for a variety of construction and engineering projects.

All these projects start with a computer aided design for the custom building, machine, production line, system, or vehicle that is to be delivered to  the end customer. This is done in a computer aided design (CAD) system.

The Bills of Material (BOMs) for each component, sub-assembly, and final assembly are then exported from the CAD system into the KnarrTek system where they become purchase orders to purchase parts, work order to make and assemble parts, and ship orders to ship finished systems components to a customer site.

The KnarrTek system then tracks the materials as they are received, processed, assembled, and shipped to site. This tracking is done in real-time to give project managers a real-time view of the status of all materials related to a project,. The KnarrTek system also provides managers with a near real-time status of the purchase orders, work orders, and ship orders for their project.

A KnarrTek system can exchange materials tracking and management data with CAD, ERP, and project management systems to avoid duplicate data entry and can alert project managers when there are issues that they need to pay attention to.

For more information about how KnarrTek can help you with your specific engineering project inventory tracking and management issues, please contact KnarrTek by clicking on the [Contact Us] button below:

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