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The True Cost of Doing Nothing

why using paper forms rather than barcode tracking is no longer justifiable

Paper Forms

There is nothing as apparently inexpensive as a Number 2 pencil and a paper form, for capturing production tracking or inventory data. This data can then subsequently be keyed into an Excel spreadsheet or into an accounting or ERP system for subsequent electronic recall.

This is why over 80% of all small and mid-sized manufacturers in the USA still track their inventory and production operations this way.

But, as explained in this white paper, this use of paper forms can cost a manufacturer hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

In addition, it can result in lost customers, due to late deliveries, and many other unnecessary expenses.

This white paper then addresses the excuses that industrial organizations give for still using paper forms and continuing to incur the true costs of doing nothing.

With the introduction of technologies, such as Cloud computing, the cost of implementing barcode tracking systems has dropped by an order of magnitude over the past decade.

So why are manufacturers and industrial distributors continuing to use paper forms?

The author concludes that even thinking about implementing a barcode tracking system is overwhelming for many managers in industrial organizations.

He believes that many managers think they will have to spend a lot of time learning about barcode equipment, barcode labels, and how to setup and use barcode tracking software, such as BellHawk, in order to have a successful implementation.

Most managers are already running flat-out just getting product out of the door. Taking on a project that involves learning about a whole new technology and its implementation methods is just too much, unless they really have to do this.

Fortunately, there are organizations, such as KnarrTek and its barcode tracking system implementation partners, that can provide the needed expertise to get these systems up and running quickly and inexpensively (relative to the resultant cost savings) without requiring operations managers to devote large amounts of their valuable time to a successful implementation.

Please click here to download PDF version of this white paper and continue reading.

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