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MilramX User Manuals

MilramX is a software platform for rapidly implementing information sharing and decision support applications with a special emphasis on tracking and managing operations within industrial organizations and with the organization's supply chain trading partners.

The following are links to download Adobe PDF files for the MilramX® User Manuals. You may be required to provide your name and email in order to register on this website in order to view the manuals. Please be advised that these manuals may sometimes be out of date, as our software is continuously being improved ahead of updates to the manuals.

MilramX Technical Overview: Gives a technical details about MilramX and how it works.

MilramX Users Manual: This manual describes how to use the MilramX web-browser interface through which users can schedule and monitor data transfers.

High Level Data Object Overview: MilramX data transfers are based on the use of High Level Data Objects (HLDOs). This manual gives a more detailed explanation of what HLDOs are and how they are used. It is intended for those users requiring a more in-depth understanding of the data transfers.

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