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BellHawk® Interface User Manuals

The following are links to download Adobe PDF files foruser manuals for the BellHawk RDI and MDEX interfaces plus some. Please be advised that these manuals may be out of date, as our software is continuously being improved.

Remote Desktop Interface: This document gives detailed instructions for using the Remote Desktop Interface (RDI), which provides a local "mirror" of the BellHawk database on the user's desktop. This mirror database can be used for generating custom reports as well as uploading data to, and downloading data from, the BellHawk database. The RDI is typically used to provide remote access to be BellHawk database when BellHawk is running "in the Cloud" or at a remote remote data center.

MDEX Website Interface: This document gives detailed instructions for using the MDEX web-browser interface. MDEX provides a continuously updated "mirror" of the BellHawk database on a Windows Server or IIOT Enterprise computer. This mirror database can then be used as the basis of business intelligence reporting as well as for exchanging data with a wide range of systems, including ERP and accounting system, as well as upstream and downstream supply chain trading partners.

MDEX Data Transfers: This document details all the data objects which can be exchanged between MDEX and BellHawk, including the table structure for the "mirror" database. These same data objects can be manually transferred using the RDI.

High Level Data Object Overview: Both the RDI and MDEX data transfers are based on the use of High Level Data Objects (HLDOs). This manual gives a more detailed explanation of what HLDOs are and how they are used, for those users requiring a more in-depth understanding of the data transfers.

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