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The BellHawk software, which KnarrTek provides, enables the rapid implementation of solutions for tracking the picking, packing and shipping of materials. These are suitable for use when shipping via UPS or FedEx,  using LTL or FTL third party shippers, and when using your own trucks.

In BellHawk, the shipping of materials can be as simple as selecting the customer and scanning the License-Plate-Number (LPN) tracking barcode(s) on the containers to be shipped.

More often, Ship Orders, which are an order to ship a set of materials at one time, are entered directly into BellHawk or they can be imported from an ERP, accounting, or E-Commerce system.

These ship orders can then be used to:

  1. Generate Work Orders for make-to-order products needed for the order
  2. Generate a Pick Order to pick the products to be shipped using a barcoded pick sheet.

The materials being picked can be recorded as being packed into a carton (such as for UPS or FedEX shipment) or picked to a staging area. Containers picked to a staging area can be recorded as having been shipped simply by scanning a barcode on the picking sheet.

Alternately containers of material can be recorded as having been loaded on a truck by scanning the barcode on each container plus the tracking barcode on the truck and a barcode hung by the dock door.

When using dock shipments, the ship orders to be loaded onto a truck are associated with the dock door barcode. Then, as containers (typically pallets) are loaded onto the truck/trailer their barcode is scanned along with the dock door barcode. This enables BellHawk to track what has been loaded and also to warn material hanlers if they are loading the wrong materials on the truck.

When the dock door is "closed" then BellHawk can generate a Bill-of-Lading for the shipment as well as to generate advanced shipment notice data that can be sent to upstream customer systems describing what is being shipped. This same data can be used for supply chain materials traceability information.

BellHawk can track the packing of nested containers (items in a box, boxes on a pallet) and can also generate custom barcode labels, for each level of nesting, to meet diverse customer requirements.

The BellHawk shipping capabilities can be used to track shipments on multiple trucks to customers. They can also be used to track shipments between the companies own facilities, such as warehouses and 3PL warehouses.

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