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 Receiving Materials into Stock

barcode inventory tracking

The KnarrTek Job and Materials Tracking System (JMTS) tracks the  receiving and put-away of raw materials using License-Plate-Number (LPN) container tracking methods.

At its simplest, JMTS enables the receipt of containers of inventory by simply attaching an LPN tracking barcode to each container or item to be tracked, recording information such as the part number, lot number, and quantity, and then scanning the tracking barcode.

Alternately, a barcode label can be printed out for each container or item received, with an LPN tracking barcode and human readable information.

Thereafter the container or item can be tracked as part of the BellHawk inventory, recording its movement, such as put-away at a specific warehouse location, or changes to the quantity in the container by scanning the tracking barcode.

Purchase Orders can be entered directly into JMTS or imported from an ERP and accounting system. Materials can then be received into JMTS, based on the Purchase Order (PO). The receipts can then be exported back to the ERP or accounting system, thereby avoiding duplicate data entry. This also makes receiving much easier, as much of the information that would otherwise have to be entered at time of receipt is derived from the PO data.

JMTS can also receive and track customer owned material  directly or based on an advanced shipment notice pseudo-PO to make the receipt of customer and company owned materials a uniform process.

Advanced shipment notice data can also be sent to JMTS from an external system, enabling JMTS to receive whole pallets simply by scanning an LPN tracking barcode on the outside of each pallet. This can result in a dramatic savings in labor time taken to receive materials as well as a substantial reduction in mistakes.

JMTS has the capability to receive whole pallets of material and record their put-away using the barcode on the exterior of the shrink wrap of each pallet. As each item is withdrawn from the pallet, each container or item can be assigned its own LPN tracking barcode, so that it can be tracked separately. This includes recording the serial number of each item on the pallet as they are withdrawn.

JMTS can receive, track and trace materials by lot and serial number, as well as by expiration date. It is fully compliant with FDA regulations for tracking food, medical supplies and devices, as well a pharmaceuticals. It can also capture product specific information, such as where and when produce was grown.

In summary, JMTS has a wide range of capabilities to record the receipt and put away of raw materials inventory. In addition it can perform cycle counting and inventory auditing without the need to shut down operations.

For those organizations, such as industrial distributors, that do not need to track their manufacturing operations, these same capabilities are available through the KnarrTek Materials Tracking System, which is a subset of JMTS but does not contain the ability to track manufacturing operations.

For more assistance with keeping track of the receipt and put-away of your raw materials, please click on the [Contact Us] button below.

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