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Managing the Flow of Customer Orders and Materials

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KnarrTek provides software and services to enable its clients to implement solutions for tracking and managing the flow of customer orders and related materials in real-time through their industrial enterprises.

Over the past decade, KnarrTek's AI-based solutions have been proven to save each of its clients the equivalent time of between one and five staff members in managing the flow of customer orders and related materials, in addition to help prevent many expensive mistakes.

Users of KnarrTek's solutions include manufacturers and industrial distributors as well as food and pharmaceutical processors and trades organizations.

KnarrTek specializes in meeting the needs of mid-sized industrial organizations that have grown beyond simply using Excel spreadsheets and an accounting system to manage the operational side of their business.

For many of these clients, it used to be simple. They made and/or distributed a limited range products which they stocked in their warehouse and used to fulfill customer orders, which arrived through a limited number of channels. Inventory was stocked and replenished based on long-range sales forecasts.

Now, a wide variety of customer orders arrive in a flow 24x7 from multiple sources, including E-Commerce websites, Amazon, and drop-ship distributors.  And, due to the "Amazon Effect" customers expect shipment of a wide-array of semi-custom products in a short period of time.

To manage this order flow, and the related flow of materials through their enterprises, our clients have chosen to use KnarrTek's real-time AI based software, rather than go through the cost and hassle of hiring, training, and retaining many new employees.

For new clients, we make implementation of these systems low-risk by providing our software at no cost until it is operational and saving our clients money. Then clients can rent or buy the software and run it in the Cloud or in ruggedized industrial computers at their own site(s).

Please click here to learn more about how KnarrTek's AI based solutions can automatically process customer orders.

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