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KnarrTek Low Cost Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Low Cost ERP Solution

Many industrial organizations believe that they have to invest huge amounts of money to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in order to run their businesses. In many cases this is simply not true.

KnarrTek implements low-cost integrated ERP systems for its clients from a collection of software that includes:

These solutions are especially suitable for:

A typical KnarrTek ERP solution can be setup for under $10,000 with an ongoing monthly expenses of around $1,000/month. These solutions can be used over the Internet on  servers managed by KnarrTek, at secure data centers in the USA, or installed on a client's own Windows Servers.

These systems can be up and running in a few weeks and can immediately pay for themselves in improved operational efficiency as well as by a significant reduction in labor costs by eliminating the need for paper forms and manually maintained Excel spreadsheets.

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