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KnarrTek Real-Time Materials Tracking & Decision Support Systems

KnarrTek Materials Tracking  & Decision Support Solutions

The KnarrTek Materials Tracking and Decision Support (MTDS) software tracks the flow of materials in real-time through the manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, medical and construction organizations, as well as the flow of materials between these facilities. It then integrates this data with data from other systems and provides a real-time decision support layer to assist in the management of the materials, including providing alerts when situations arise that managers need to pay attention to.

The KnarrTek software enables the transition from the use of paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and after the fact manual keyboard data entry into ERP or accounting systems for tracking materials with real-time data capture using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computers.

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

This enables manufacturers and industrial distributors to transition from after the fact reporting about what went wrong yesterday to being able to see the status of customer orders, project inventory, work-in-process, jobs and materials in real-time anywhere they have an Internet connection.

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

The KnarrTek MTDS software can also:

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