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Sharing Information Across the Industrial Enterprise

KnarrTekMaterials Tracking Systems

A primary goal of a KnarrTek decision support system is to enable information to be automatically shared between different departments with an industrial enterprise as well as with customers and suppliers.

To this end, intelligent agents within the decision support system periodically monitor many sources of information, in multiple systems, looking for updated information. These intelligent agents then analyze the data in real-time to extract actionable information before sending it directly to people on their mobile phones, or by Email, and/or automatically updating the data within the best-of-breed systems that people use as the basis for doing their jobs.

These intelligent agents can automatically update an operations management  database, which can be used to view the current status of operations across all sites and used for historic performance analysis, as well as providing the basis for complex decision support. They can also automate routine planning and scheduling of operations thereby saving substantial time in doing this manually.

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