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KnarrTek assists its clients to implement technology solutions to industrial materials tracking and operations management problems. KnarrTek provides expert consulting, systems design, and implementation services, specialized software to track materials and operations in manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses as well as for integration with front office and supply chain systems, needed equipment and supplies, as well as a full range of training and support services.

The need to implement these systems is often driven by the needs of our clients’ customers for additional information or by the need to capture data for regulatory compliance. It is also frequently driven by the desire not to repeat an expensive mistake in production or the late shipment of an order to a critical customer, both of which could have been prevented using solutions such as those provided by KnarrTek.

Implementing systems such as these can be a complex, time-consuming process. At the same time, we recognize that most manufacturing and distribution operations do not have people on their own staff who have the time or experience to implement these systems. This is where KnarrTek comes in.

KnarrTek can start with a needs analysis, then design and implement a complete turnkey system. This includes providing the needed software, equipment, and supplies, as well as on-site system setup, user training and on-going support to solve specific operations management problems, without negatively impacting ongoing operations.

If you would like a no-obligation discussion with one of our experts about your materials and operations tracking and management problems, please click on the [Contact Us] button below.

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