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KnarrTek Real-Time Inventory and Materials Tracking Solutions

Industrial Warehouse

KnarrTek provides real-time inventory and materials tracking solutions based on the use of License-Plate-Number (LPN) container tracking methods. These LPN methods are used by large distribution organizations, such as Amazon, UPS and FedEx, and are now the world-wide GS1 standard for tracking containers of materials in the global supply chain.

The KnarrTek software extends these LPN methods to work inside manufacturing plants and their associated warehouses. KnarrTek then uses the MilramX software to connect to external supply chains, which use LPN tracking method

The BellHawk Online Service also enables  industrial distributors to use the same methods as large organizations such as Amazon, UPS and FedEx, at a very affordable cost. This is especially true for distributors that need to do kitting, light assembly, repackaging, and relabeling of materials.

LPN methods enable the tracking of the location, quantity, lot number and expiration date of the contents of each container of material as well as the serial number of each individually tracked part. They also enable tracking pallets or other shipping containers with many different products in/on each shipping container nested inside multiple layers of boxes.

In factories, KnarrTek uses LPN methods to track the receipt of raw materials, their transformation into work-in-process and intermediate materials, as well as finished products and their picking, packing and shipping to customers. This tracking is performed in real-time using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing, which replace the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry.

Some resultant benefits include:

  1. Gives real-time visibility as to the status of inventory/materials  at multiple geographic locations.
  2. Gives real-time visibility of the status of customer materials to prevent late shipments.
  3. Gives ability to track the contents of mixed pallets shipped to customers.
  4. Gives ability to generate custom GS1 barcode labels for supply-chain integration.
  5. Prevents mistakes such as using, picking, or shipping the wrong materials.
  6. Saves the labor cost of manually recording and entering data.
  7. Enables real-time planning and scheduling of operations.

Learn more about KnarrTek Industrial Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions.

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