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If you would prefer to talk to an expert about your specific materials tracking and traceability or real-time operations tracking problem, please click on the [Contact Us] button below to contact us by phone or Email.

  1. Who is KnarrTek? KnarrTek distributes and supports the BellHawk materials tracking and traceability and real-time operations tracking software and the MilramX automated data exchange interface software development platform in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

  2. How does KnarrTek Deliver its Solutions? KnarrTek sells the BellHawk and MilramX software through a network of partners who can deliver complete turnkey solutions, tailored to the needs of individual clients, including equipment, software, and support services. KnarrTek also licenses its software to IT departments of large organizations for installation on their own servers.

  3. What Services does KnarrTek Provide? KnarrTek Inc. provides the use of the BellHawk  software, for small to mid-sized industrial organizations, at a secure data center in the USA on as subscription basis. KnarrTek also rents the use of the BellHawk and MilramX software to the IT departments of larger organizations for installation on their own servers. In addition KnarrTek provides a full range of supporting services for this software including training, customization, and assistance with integration with other systems.

  4. Who uses the BellHawk software? A wide range of industrial organizations, including machine shops, rolled materials converters, plastic injection molders, fabricators of building components, engineering and defense contractors, contract manufacturers and other assemblers of electromechanical systems, as well as repair, refurbishing and recycling organizations. In addition BellHawk is used by a range of organizations that need to comply with FDA regulations including food and pharmaceutical processors, medical device and supplies manufacturers, and makers of veterinary products and natural supplements.

  5. What are the online services named? BellHawk Online supports the needs of manufacturers and other industrial organizations. BellHawkRx is a CFR21 Part 11 compliant service that is specifically targeted at organizations that need to comply with FDA adminsuitered product safety regulations.

  6. Who is the target audience for the BellHawk on line services? Small to mid-sized organizations, as well as departments within larger organizations, that are looking for an affordable "off-the shelf" solution that they can use in the Cloud without the need for their corporate IT organization to get involved or to pay large up-front fees for software and supporting services.

  7. What about larger organizations? KnarrTek also rents the BellHawk software to the IT Departments of larger organizations for installation on their own Windows Server.

  8. What is the BellHawk software?  The BellHawk software platform was developed by Milramco LLC, in collaboration with other partners, to provide a software platform to enable larger organization to implement customized operations tracking and AI based operations management systems. KnarrTek is Milramco's exclusive distributor in North America and the UK for this software.  For full details about the BellHawk software platform, please see

  9. What is the MilramX software? The MilramX software was developed by Milramco, in collaboration with a number of partners, as a way to cut the cost of implementing automated data exchange interfaces between systems. This software is used as the basis for the DEX interface and DEXBox interface, for BellHawk, which simplify the implementation of interfaces between BellHawk and a wide variety of ERP and other systems. For details about the MilramX software platform, please see

  10. What is the typical cost for using BellHawk for a smaller organization? BellHawk typically costs most client organizations under $1,000 per month.

  11. What is the typical cost savings from using the BellHawk software? Typically clients save the equivalent of the cost of between one and three people at an average loaded labor cost of $5,000 per month per person by switching from using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to using barcode scanning to track their work-in-process.

  12. What other benefits does using the BellHawk  have? It enables clients to ensure that they get customer orders out on time, prevent operational mistakes, and to know the labor and materials cost of each job.

  13. What about Support Services? KnarrTek and its partners offer a full range of supporting services but enable clients to save money by doing as much of the implementation work themselves as they have the capability to do.

  14. What about barcode scanners and printers and mobile devices? BellHawk  works with a wide range of Android based mobile devices, as well as with a wide range of 1D and 2D barcode scanners and barcode label printers. These are readily available from our partners or a wide range of other suppliers over the Internet.

  15. What about preprinted rolls of license-plate number barcodes, as well as rack and floor stand barcode labels? We can make recommendations as to suppliers that make these products to your specifications at an affordable price.

  16. Should we use BellHawk Online or rent BellHawk for installation on our own Windows Server? If you  are a small or medium sized organization without an in-house IT department then you should definitely use BellHawk Online. If you have an IT department and need to integrate many custom reports into BellHawk, or closely integrate BellHawk with other on-site systems,  or have specific IT requirements, such as for security, then you should consider renting the BellHawk software  for installation on your own Windows Server.

  17. Do we save money by renting the software rather than using BellHawk on your servers? No, the monthly costs of renting or subscribing to the software are essentially the same. Support services inevitably cost more to install and support the BellHawk software on your own server.

  18. We are a large organization with our own IT staff. We need sophisticated real-time operations tracking and management capabilities. Can we save time and money by purchasing a license to use the BellHawk software platform as the basis of implementing our own system? Yes, you can purchase a source code license to use the BellHawk software and MilramX platforms.

  19. Can BellHawk Exchange Data with my ERP or Accounting System? BellHawk  can exchange data with other systems using Excel spreadsheets or comma delimited files. We recommend using the DEX automated data exchange inerface for a straight-forward method of exchanging data with BellHawk  from computers located in a plant or data center.

  20. Can BellHawk import data from my CAD system? BellHawk can import files in .CSV or Excel formats from a variety of CAD systems. Please note that these imports typically need tailoring to the specific CAD system and how it is being used.

  21. If we start using BellHawk Online on a subscription basis, can we transition to running BellHawk  on our own Windows Server? Yes, each BellHawk Online client gets their own website and database that can easily be transitioned, in future, to use their own server.

  22. How reliable is the BellHawk Online Service? BellHawk Online is run at a secure data center in the USA which has a very high uptime. We also take precautions, such as taking nightly backups of each client's data and storing this in the Cloud so as to facilitate rapid disaster recovery.

  23. What if the Internet goes down? This is always a risk factor, especially if the Internet is accessed over a cable strung on utility poles. But often, the same poles carry the electricity to the plant. If a pole comes down or a tree falls over the wires both go out, and with it the operation of the plant. As a result, the risk has not been increased by using the Internet to manage plant operations.

  24. Do you sell Directly to Clients or through Partners? With rare exceptions, we sell our software and services through our network of  partners as they can provide the needed equipment and supplies as well as focused support services,

  25. What if we want our BellHawk instance customized? This is a paid service provided by our partners,  supported by KnarrTek's technical staff. Except in simple cases, these customizations start with a design phase to clearly document the changes requested and to provide an accurate estimate of the cost

  26. What if we want to develop our own custom reports from the BellHawk data? We recommend using a DEXBox IIOT appliance to automatically extract the needed data from the BellHawk Online database. Custom reports can then be created using tools such as Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and SSRS using data from database tables in the DEXBox.

  27. Do you make on-site sales calls?   No. System sales are the responsibility of our partners. In many cases we can refer you to a partner who may be able to visit your site.

  28. Do you arrange for visits to other users of the BellHawk software so we can see it in operation? Regretfully no. Our clients are all way too busy running their own businesses to host site visits. Many also have security concerns about hosting visitors. We provide an extensive set of training materials on-line for prospective clients to educate themselves.

  29. Do you provide lists of References? No, we jealously guard our clients' privacy.  But, where appropriate, once a prospective user of BellHawk Online has decided that BellHawk is an appropriate solution for them and is simply doing final due diligence, we can arrange a telephone call with an existing user of the BellHawk software for an exchange of information.

  30. Do you offer monthly subscription payments? No we only accept quarterly and annual prepayments to enable our corporate clients to pay by check or wire-transfer, which they seem to prefer.

  31. Do You Offer Free Trials of Your Software? Yes for 60 days, but we expect our clients to pay for setting up the database and website for their trial version of BellHawk and for providing support services during the trial.

  32. Do you provide demonstrations of your software with our data?  This is the responsibility of our partners.

  33. Can we use BellHawk to just track operations in one limited area of our facility or do we need to deploy it to the whole plant at the same time? We encourage our clients to start in one area, to solve an immediately pressing problem. Then clients can incrementally expand their use of BellHawk  to cover other areas as they gain experience with using the capabilities of BellHawk.

  34. Do I need to purchase a barcode printer to use BellHawk? No BellHawk prints its barcoded documents on an office printer and also uses pre-printed rolls of "license-plate" tracking barcodes.

  35. What if I need BellHawk  to print barcode labels on demand? We recommend using our Barcode Label Printing Appliance(BLPA) Internet-of -Things appliance to ensure high speed printing on barcode label printers in each facility.

  36. What if I need to integrate with weighing scales or other equipment? We recommend using the BellHawk IIOT WeighBox appliance or an IIOT Box appliance. But please note that these will need to be customized for the specific devices.

  37. Do you support the use of RFID to track materials? Yes, our BLPA can encode combination barcode labels and RFID tags which can then be tracked by our RFIDBox IIOT appliance. Typically we refer such projects to partners who are experts in RFID.

  38. How easy is it to configure BellHawk to the specific needs of my organization? BellHawk  uses a rules-based engine that incorporates industry best practices. Clients can set their own parameters to these rules (using Excel imports) but cannot change the underlying rules. These rules can, however, be customized by the staff of KnarrTek when needed.