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KnarrTek Real-Time Materials Tracking and Decision Support Software and Pricing

Transformation of Materials

The KnarrTek software consists of optional modules from the BellHawk and MilramX software platforms

A bundle of the most commonly used BellHawk and MilramX system options is specially priced at $1,000 per month to use on a client's own Windows Server plus $20/month, per data capture device in use, plus $30/month for each manager or staff member login. Each data capture device can be shared by unlimited users without payment of an additional licensing fee.

This standard KnarrTek Materials Tracking and Decision Support software Bundle (MTDSB) performs real-time materials tracking and operations management, using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing. The standard MTDS bundle includes a full industrial warehouse management solution, which uses license-plate-number container tracking methods, the same as are used by Amazon, FedEx, and UPS.

The standard MTDS  bundle includes the capability to enter or import and store Bills-of-Materials (BOMs) and routes to make products. It then uses these BOMs and routes to generate work orders to make a specified quantity of product and to track the transformation of raw materials through a sequence of manufacturing operations into finished products.

This enables the MTDS software to capture job cost data as well as materials traceability history data.
In addition, The MTDS bundle tracks customer jobs and WIP materials, in real-time, as they flow between work-centers, including tracking the materials consumed and produced by each manufacturing operation.

The MTDS software tracks materials by lot number, serial number, and expiration date and can track inventory and assets, by customer and project, at multiple different locations.

The MTDS bundle also includes a real-time job scheduling capability and does available inventory prediction, which can be used for planning the ordering or making of more raw or intermediate inventory.

The MTDS bundle includes the DEX/MDEX Data Exchange Interface which can be used for custom reporting, as well as interfacing to ERP and accounting systems.

The MTDS bundle supports, but does not include, the TAG Barcode Label Printing Option to automate the printing of barcode labels on-demand based upon the contents of the tracking system database. This is available for an additional $200/month

In addition, KnarrTek technical staff can configure and price custom subset MTDS systems from the separate optional BellHawk and MilramX modules for those clients who do not need all the features in the standard MTDS bundle. This can be especially helpful for those clients who wish to start out with a limited Pilot installation before committing to a full implementation.  Prices for these systems start at $400/month.

Licenses to use the KnarrTek MTDS software are available from KnarrTek and its reseller partners for:

The online subscription makes it quick and easy to get started with minimal IT support. As each client gets their own private website and database on a BellHawk Online server, these can be easily transferred to a client's own Windows Server when needed.

These  licenses are available from KnarrTek's BellHawk Reseller partners, who also resell the required barcode scanning and printing equipment and supplies, needed for complete system installation.

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