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Transformation of Materials

The BellHawk software comes in three base systems:

  1. BellHawk Material Tracking System (MTS)- performs real-time license-plate-number (LPN) container-based tracking of materials. $400/month.
  2. BellHawk Work-in-Process Tracking System (WIPS) - tracks a single item or container of items through a sequence of work order steps. $300/month.
  3. BellHawk Materials Tracking & Traceability System (MTTS) - incorporates MTS and WIPS - tracks work-in-process materials, the transformation of materials in manufacturing processes, captures materials traceability history and product cost data, plus warns operators if they are using the wrong materials based on stored BOMs for making products. $500/month.

In addition there is a license fee of $20/month per data-collection device login, plus $30/month per manager login. There is no charge for the system administrator login. Data collection device logins can be shared between many users.

These systems can be installed on a Windows IIOT industrial computer located at the client's site or on a Windows Server computer located in their own data center.

Smaller organizations,  which do not have their own IT departments and which have limited data processing requirements, can also use BellHawk on Windows Server computers managed by KnarrTek at secure data centers in the USA. This is done through KnarrTek's BellHawk Online service for which there is a 10% premium on the prepaid license fee.

BellHawk view-only licenses for reporting cost $10/month each for BellHawk Online but are provided at no cost when BellHawk is hosted on a dedicated server.

The BellHawk container-based warehouse management software (WMS) can be used with either the MTS or MTTS system to add capabilities such as tracking receiving against purchase orders, picking for work orders, picking, packing and shipping customer orders, loading trucks/trailers, and inventory auditing. This software option costs and additional $150/month.

The BellHawk label printing software (TAG) can print or preprint barcode tracking labels, including human readable information and embedded RFID tags. It costs $150/month. This software runs on a Windows IIOT computer located at each client site where barcode label printing is required.

Please note that clients also need to purchase a license to use the BarTender Automation software from Seagull Scientific, which is also installed on the same IIOT computer and used as an interface to a wide-range of barcode label printers by TAG.

In addition, options such as quality control tracking and equipment utilization tracking, as well as dynamic scheduling and planning, are available at a cost of $50/month to $75/month each but may need customization to meet the needs of each individual organization.

The BellHawk Remote Desktop Interface (RDI) costs $20/month and the MDEX server interface costs $50/month. MDEX requires the use of MilramX.

MilramX, with adaptors for 2 systems costs $200/month with additional adaptors costing $100 each.

MilramX Enterprise with unlimited adaptors is $500/month.

User Accounts for the MilramX website, if needed, are priced at $30/month each for dedicated logins and $50/month each for shared logins.

MilramX Lite with 2 adaptors, which runs on the same computer as BellHawk and is controlled through the BellHawk Sys Admin screen is priced at $50/month.

Please note that the above subscription/rental prices are for annual prepayment in US Dollars.

In addition, KnarrTek provides customized materials tracking & traceability, as well as materials management solutions for a wide-range of manufacturing, distribution, and other applications, using its BellHawk and MilramX software products, which typically provide over 90% of most applications, working "out of the box".

For a pricing on a configuration for your specific operations tracking or management needs, please click on the [Contact Us] button below.

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