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How BITS tracks Containers with Multiple Different Parts

Kit with Barcode

BITS can track multiple different untagged materials in a box, bin, or other container with reference to a single tracking barcode placed on the parent container.

This enables tracking of untagged parts to be tracked within barcoded bins, as well as many different parts to be tracked within kits.

Wire Reel

BITS can track the length of wire or other materials on reels, rolls or spools as well as the length and width of rolls of material, based on the tracking barcode placed on each roll or reel.

This enables the tracking of many different rolls, reels, sheets, or spools in stock, each with a different length and/or width.


BITS can also track pallets containing many different parts by enabling each container within its containers table to have a parent container.


This enables BITS to track, for example, different serialized items to be tracked when they are placed within a box, that has its own tracking barcode, which is scanned when the boxes are placed onto a pallet, which has its own unique tracking barcode.

BITS can then track the movement or shipment of all the parts on the pallet by simply scanning the tracking barcode on the pallet.

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