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KnarrTek Solution Implementation Processes

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KnarrTek consists of a team of experts who are very knowledgeable about implementing real-timeoperations tracking and management systems for use in manufacturing plants and industrial distribution warehouses, with an especial emphasis on the needs of mid-sized organizations.

KnarrTek works as a team with its partners and affiliated companies to deliver complete solutions to operations management problems including solutions design, project management, software, equipment, support services, supplies, integration services, and ongoing support. Learn More

In these client engagements, KnarrTek works in one of three roles:

  1. Prime contractor - where KnarrTek manages the project and is the principal point of contact for the client. Other partners may provide the equipment and specialized services but KnarrTek is responsible for integration and successful completion of the overall project.
  2. Subcontractor - here KnarrTek acts as a subcontractor to another organization (typically an equipment reseller or a systems integrator) to provide its specialized software and supporting services. Here the prime contractor will be the primary point of contact but may delegate project interaction to KnarrTek, such as in developing an interface between BellHawk and other systems.
  3. Contractor - here KnarrTek provides software and services to support the IT department of a large (typically multi-plant or warehouse) organization in implementing an operations tracking and management system. Here the IT department manages the project and KnarrTek provides support on an as-needed basis.

These projects always start with one or more no-cost online meetings with members of the KnarrTek team to determine whether KnarrTek's solutions may be a match for the client's problems. This is typically followed by KnarrTek providing detailed cost estimates for simple solutions or a budgetary estimate for more complex solutions, as to the range of likely costs.

For simple production or inventory tracking projects, KnarrTek typically recommends that the client starts out by using KnarrTek's BellHawk Online Cloud-based service so that they can quickly (within a few days) become operational and start solving their problems. Here clients can purchase Online services on a quarter-by-quarter basis, thereby limiting their risk. Also, because each client gets their own private database and website, these can be easily ported to an on-site solution, if more complex capabilities are needed.

For more complex management problems, KnarrTek generally recommends sending its technology solution evaluation team to the client's site to meet with management and workers and to learn more about the issues confronting management. There is typically a nominal fee of $5,000 plus travel costs for this service, which results in a set of recommendations as to how to solve management's problems, along with estimated costs.

Following this, it is recommended that the client proceed to a Pilot phase, in which the client gets to try out the BellHawk software, with their own production data, in simulated operational scenarios to make sure that the software meets their needs. This may include some customization to the BellHawk software as well as the implementation of data exchange interfaces with other client systems.

During the Pilot phase, there is no charge for the use of the BellHawk software, enabling clients to try out different software modules as well as different data collection equipment, without committing to rent the software, until they go operational. Clients are, however, required to pay for the support services from KnarrTek's staff they need to get their Pilot systems operational.

Once the Pilot is working to the client's satisfaction, then their version of BellHawk can be ported to an on-site system, typically in an IIOT computer. Also, if KnarrTek is the project manager, KnarrTek's staff will work with the client to make sure that warehouse rack and floor locations get appropriately labeled, needed barcode and RFID equipment is ordered and delivered to site, needed cabling, network and wireless servers are ordered and setup.

The installation may also require the installation of a BellHawk barcode label print server and RFID interface computer, as well as weighing scale and process line interfaces in each manufacturing plant or warehouse.

 Once the system is setup, then KnarrTek may, if needed, send one or more of its staff members to the site to complete the setup, make sure that the system is running properly, and to train users in data collection. KnarrTek will also train operations managers and their staff in the use of the system and will work with the Client's IT staff to make sure that Interfaces are working correctly.

Click on "KnarrTek Solution Implementation Processes" to download a PDF document describing these processes in more detail.

To talk to an expert about how the KnarrTek team of experts can assist your organization with implementing an Operations Tracking or Management System, please click on the [Contact Us] button below.

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