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Optional BellHawk Software Modules

The software for a BellHawk system normally consists of a base Simple Production Tracking System (SPTS), a Materials Tracking System (MTS), or a Real-Time Operations Tracking Systems  (RTOPS) system plus optional modules which are listed below.  The base BellHawk systems have a wide range of capabilities but, depending on the specific application, clients may need to add the following modules. 

Manufacturing Options

Equipment Tracking Option (KTI-ETO): This module tracks the setup, run, down, and cleanup time for equipment, machines, and production lines. It also tracks the reasons that machines are down. ETO enables operators to scan into a machine and then to scan jobs and materials onto and off the machine, including having multiple jobs running on a machine at the same time. For job costing purposes, ETO  collects and allocates labor, machine time and materials across the various jobs that are running at the same time on a machine or production line.

Work Center Scheduling (KTI-WCS): Performs real-time scheduling of work orders through multiple work center operations to help ensure that jobs get completed on schedule. Provides operators with guidance as to which work orders they should be working on with highest priority.

Warehouse Management Options

Purchase Order Receiving Module (KTI-PO): Enables the entry or import of supplier purchase orders (POs) or advanced shipment notice data for the receipt of customer owned materials. Produces POs that can be sent to suppliers by mail or Email and also barcoded receiving documents. Tracks and records receipt of materials against POs. Please note that simple receiving of materials is included in the base BellHawk LPMTS and RTOPS systems.

Ship Order Module (KTI-SO): Enables the entry or import of customer ship orders. Includes capability to generate Make-to-Order work orders from ship order lines. Can be used to recursively generate work orders and purchase orders for make-to-order items when used in conjunction the demand based materials planning (BH-DMP) module. Can also generate a barcoded picking sheet to record picking and packing of materials for a customer order when used with the BH-PICK module. Please note that simple shipping of materials is included in the base BellHawk LPMTS and RTOPS systems

Picking Module (KTI-PICK): Enables entry and tracking of material picking and move orders. Produces and uses a barcoded picking sheet for recording the picking, packing, and movement of materials. Enables material handlers to easily find materials and pick oldest materials first. Also checks that they are picking correct materials for move order. PICK can also be used to generate pick tickets to pick materials needed for route steps in manufacturing orders and to record the picking, packing and shipping of customer orders, when used with the SO module. The picking module now includes directed Zone Picking, which is designed to make it easy for material handlers to pick and pack kits or customer orders consisting of many different parts.

Shipping Dock Option (KTI-SDO): Tracks loading of customer orders onto trucks/trailers at a shipping-dock. Warns material handlers if they attempt to load pallets or other shipping containers onto the wrong truck. Gives shipping supervisors visibility of what has been loaded. Generates Bills of Lading and data for Advanced Shipment Notices. Requires the use of the SO and PICK options.

Inventory Auditing Module (KTI-IAM): Enables auditing inventory without shutting down operations. Enables recording inventory on a location by location basis. Produces inventory discrepancy report and tracks actions by materials manager to resolve discrepancies. Supports "blind" inventory auditing. Automatically resolves discrepancies for inventory that has "walked".

Materials Traceability Options

Materials Traceability (KTI-TRACE): Builds electronic materials traceability database. Tracks what materials from which suppliers and lot numbers went into each product, enabling rapid trace-back from defective products to source components and their suppliers. Also gives ability to trace forward to find all products that may be defective as a result of defective source or intermediate materials.

Quality Control (KTI-QC): Tracks quality control status of inventory and work-in-process and prevents use or shipment of defective materials. Allows quality department to pass or fail materials with recording of reason codes. Handles lot-based and statistical inspection. Tracks movement of materials needing inspection and prevents movement to non-quarantine locations. Also tracks materials needing material review activities.

Operations Management Options

Project Tracking (KTI-PROJ): Allows purchased and produced materials, as well as work orders, to be assigned to projects. Warns users if they attempt to mix materials from different projects or to use materials from a different project on a job. Allows filtering of inventory reports by project. Also shows status of all POs, work orders, and ship orders for project in one unified Excel export.

Available Inventory Prediction (KTI-AIP): Predicts available inventory levels at future times taking into account materials in stock, on order, and scheduled to be produced and consumed on work orders. Requires SO and PO modules. This performs the complex calculations needed for materials requirements planning (MRP) but leaves the decisions as to what parts to make or materials to order to the user, which can be ideal for make-to-order manufacturers.

Real-Time Demand Driven Materials Planning (KTI-DRP): Assists production and materials managers to plan which materials to order and to make to meet customer orders. Performs dynamic incremental demand based planning, without interrupting production. Complements long-range materials planning performed by MRP and ERP systems.

Equipment Interfaces

Rules Based Barcode Labeling (KTI-TAG): Automatically generates labels for incoming materials and for finished product packaging. These labels have a unique tracking barcode plus user specified information in human readable format. Enables automatic generation of labels for products and labels in client specific formats. Eliminates mistakes from manual entry of data for generating labels. Integrates with BarTender Automation from Seagull Scientific for label layout and printing labels on a wide range of barcode label printers and RFID tag encoders.

The DEX data exchange interface (KTI-DEX): Provides a simplified SQL Server mirror of the BellHawk database (which can be running at a remote data center) running in a local Windows Workstation. Data written to the local DEX database is automatically relayed to the remote BellHawk database, using BellHawk's web-services interface. Also, all transactional data captured by BellHawk is automatically relayed to the local DEX database, where it can be used for custom reporting. A program like Microsoft Access can be linked to the DEX database and used to develop custom interfaces to other systems.

Weighing Scale Interface (KTI-WSI): Provides an interface between a weighing scale, linked to a Windows PC, and a BellHawk system running in a remote data center. The interface automatically relays stable weights to the BellHawk server where they can be used as part of data input transactions, thereby eliminating the possibility of incorrectly entering weights. This software may need customizing for specific weighing scales.

RFID Interface (KTI-RFID): Provides an interface between a PC linked to an RFID transmitter/receiver control box and the BellHawk software. The software automatically translates a reading of an RFID tag by an antenna to a move of a container to the location of the antenna. This software may need customizing for the specific transmitter/receiver control box in use.

For more information please download Data Sheets for the optional modules.

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