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KnarrTek helps its clients implement systems that enables these industrial organizations to:

Specifically KnarrTek provides software and services to enable rapid and cost-effective implementation of systems for


provides software, wrapped in a blanket of expertise, to assist industrial organizations to implement materials tracking and traceability systems, including work-in-process tracking and supply-chain information integration systems. These systems are based on the use of the BellHawk software and specific methodologies  in which KnarrTek specializes, such as real-time data capture using barcode and RFID technologies, License-Plate-Number (LPN) container tracking, and GS1supply chain tracking standards.

These methodologies are those that have been adopted by US Government agencies, such as the FDA and DoD, as well as by the EU, Canada, the UK, and other countries worldwide. These methodologies are based on a set of standards about which KnarrTek has in-depth knowledge.

 KnarrTek assists its clients to implement systems, based on these methodologies, by providing the BellHawk® software in addition to providing the services of its staff, who have in-depth experience gained in implementing many such systems over the past decade.

KnarrTek makes its money from recurrent revenue payments by clients for use of its materials tracking and traceability software and from payments from its specialized consulting and support services activities.

KnarrTek works directly with the IT  staff of larger organizations, who typically install BellHawk in their own data center. KnarrTek also manages servers at secure data centers in the USA on which KnarrTek hosts BellHawk  for use by organizations that do not have their own data center  IT staff.

For those organizations that provide other components of barcode and RFID tracking systems and want to sell complete solutions to their customers, KnarrTek can be a valuable partner because of the in-depth knowledge of its staff and its affordable tracking software. KnarrTek can simply work as an informal team member, as a subcontractor, or can enter into formal reseller agreement with a partner.

For larger organizations, which wish to manage their own projects, KnarrTek provides an excellent specialist resource to complement the capabilities of the organization's own IT and operations management staff. For these organizations, KnarrTek provides a specialist resource that is available when needed, year after year, without the expense of having a full-time specialist in materials tracking and traceability on the payroll.

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For expert help with a specific project, or simply to chat with an expert about the materials tracking and traceability, work-in-process tracking, or supply-chain information exchange problem you are trying to solve, please click on the [Contact] button below.

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