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Three Ways that BellHawk Tracks Work-in-Process

Work Order

There are three ways to track work-in-process using the BellHawk software:

  1. Track work-in-process materials as they move from work center to work center.  Here license-plate-number container tracking methods are used to track each part or container of parts as they move from work center to work center.
  2. Track when an employee starts and ends work on each operation for a work order. This records the status of each work order and the labor required for each operation.
  3. Track the consumption, transformation, and production of materials on work-order operations. This is in addition to optionally tracking the work-in-process location and labor

Comparison of Methods

Options 1 and 2 can be performed by the BellHawk SMTS (simple materials tracking system) and SPTS (simple production tracking system), respectively. Option 3 needs the full BellHawk Real-Time Operations Tracking System (RTOPS).

It is recommended that clients start with the simplest method that meets their initial objectives. Then clients can always upgrade their BellHawk software to include the additional capabilities they may need in future.

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