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More on Defense Applications of KnarrTek Software

Mil Std Labeled Boxes

The  KnarrTek  software incorporates features specifically designed for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors who have to comply with Military Standards 129 and 130 as well as the DoD's UID and RFID mandates.

Through its use of DoD compliant license-plate-number (LPN) container tracking methods, the KnarrTek software represents an alternative to "slap and ship" approaches to compliance which require an on-going outlay in labor costs for manually preparing labels.

KnarrTek software:

  1. Supports the generation of UID labels from product data stored in the BellHawk database.
  2. Tracks inventory of serialized products with UID labels.
  3. Generates container labels with tracking barcodes.
  4. Tracks the packing of serialized items into containers with National Stock Number labels.
  5. Tracks picking of items for customer shipment.
  6. Tracks packing of product cartons and individually serialized items onto pallets.
  7. Generates military shipping labels with embedded RFID tags
  8. Generates commercial shipping labels with UCC128 barcodes.
  9. Tracks shipments of products, cartons and pallets to customers.
  10. Generates packing slips for shipments.

A major benefit of the KnarrTek software is that it helps DoD contractors avoid mistakes in labeling products, generating shipment labels, encoding RFID tags, and generating WAWF submission data. The data that is printed on labels, encoded in RFID tags, and generated for WAWF submissions all comes from the KnarrTek software database. This use of rules-based labels avoids mistakes in labeling caused by "fat fingering" in label data or selecting the wrong label format.

The KnarrTek software barcode label printing option works in conjunction with BarTender ® Automation. This enables the KnarrTek software to support a wide range of barcode printers and combination barcode/RFID tag printer-encoders.

The KnarrTek software has standard interfaces that can be used to implement automated data exchange interfaces with most ERP, contract management and accounting systems, such as CostPoint.  These interfaces can be used to exchange contractual data with the software as well as to send material transactions from the KnarrTek software to an external ERP or accounting system. The KnarrTek software also supports importing and exporting data from and to Excel spreadsheets.

The KnarrTek software has the capability to automatically import customer orders, customer information, ship-to addresses, product part numbers and descriptions, UPC codes and other relevant data from most ERP or accounting systems into its database.

The KnarrTek software stores the label formats in its database and relates these to the customer and their ship-to address. When a shipper packs a box or pallet against a customer order, TAG automatically prints out the correct label/RFID tag for the customer and ship-to address. All the data on the label comes from the tracking system database so that it does not have to be manually entered.

The KnarrTek software can track the receipt of materials from subcontractors that already have UID labels attached. Alternately, it can generate UID labels to attach to received materials or to materials that are manufactured in the plant.

The KnarrTek software tracks pallet and box serial numbers so that it can generate unique UID, TCN and SSCC container codes for each label, even when multiple label generation stations are in use at the same time. It also tracks the equivalent unique serial numbers for RFID combination tags that are written at the same time the labels are printed. The software can also generate multiple copies of the same label when needed for both sides of a pallet, for example.

The KnarrTek software can track the packing of orders into multiple boxes or pallets and the packing of multiple orders into a single box or onto a single pallet. For each order, the software can print out a barcoded customer order packing list. As a packer packs each container they start by scanning the order barcode on the packing list. Then they can scan the line item barcodes on the order packing list and the UID codes on the items packed, thereby recording which items went into each shipment.

When a shipping box or pallet is full, then the packer can print the shipping label for the container in the correct format on a barcode printer. Optionally, the KnarrTek software can print out a barcoded packing list to go into the shipping container. As packing is in progress, the software verifies that the correct items for the order are being packed and warns the packer if the wrong items are being packed for the order or contract.

For more information about how KnarrTek can help you with your specific defense contracting materials and operations tracking issues, please contact KnarrTek by clicking on the [Contact Us] button below:

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