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Manufacturing Applications of the KnarrTek Software


The KnarrTek software has been used to track and manage customer orders, inventory and manufacturing operations in wide variety of manufacturing applications in the Industrial, Medical, and Food supply chains. Click Here to Learn More This includes tracking work-in-process, collecting job cost and materials traceability data, and tracking WIP inventory.

The KnarrTek manufacturing software is especially suited to:

The KnarrTek  software tracks:

  1. Raw, intermediate, WIP and finished good inventory
  2. Receiving and put away of raw materials
  3. Transformation of raw materials into finished products through a sequence of operations
  4. Customer orders, work orders and work-in-process
  5. Consumption of materials, labor and equipment time on jobs
  6. Scrap and rework, including reason codes.
  7. Production and put away of intermediate and finished goods
  8. Quality control inspection and test data
  9. Machinery and equipment used in production operations
  10. Picking, packing and shipping of finished goods

As part of its materials tracking activities, the KnarrTek software prevents mistakes by providing point-of-action warnings if a material-handler or equipment operator is about to make an operational mistake, such as using or picking the wrong materials, or has made a data entry mistake that needs correcting.

Based on this tracking data, the KnarrTek  ssoftware then enables managers to:

For more information about how KnarrTek can help you with your specific manufacturing inventory and operations tracking and management issues, please contact KnarrTek by clicking on the [Contact Us] button below:

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