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KnarrTek provides real-time operations and materials tracking systems for manufacturers, based on the BellHawk software platform.

BellHawk is ideally suited for those manufacturers and materials processors who want to replace the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry. It is also ideally suited to those who want to implement Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that use barcode and RFID technology to automate their data collection.

BellHawk Tracks:

  1. Raw, intermediate, WIP and finished good inventory
  2. Receiving and put away of raw materials
  3. Transformation of raw materials into finished products through a sequence of operations
  4. Customer orders, work orders and work-in-process
  5. Consumption of materials, labor and equipment time on jobs
  6. Scrap and rework, including reason codes.
  7. Production and put away of intermediate and finished goods
  8. Quality control inspection and test data
  9. Machinery and equipment used in production operations
  10. Picking, packing and shipping of finished goods

BellHawk is especially suited to those applications where:

The BellHawk software can be configured to meet the data capture requirements of most manufacturing applications, working out of the box. This includes enabling clients to specify their own data capture parameters. The BellHawk software can, if needed, also be customized to simplify the data capture sequences or to add application specific data capture transactions including the capture of test and process data.

Please click here to learn more about Specific Manufacturing Applications of BellHawk


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