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Industrial Warehouse and Distribution Applications of the KnarrTek Software

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An important application of the KnarrTek software is in the tracking and management of warehouse operations. This can be for industrial distribution warehouses and project inventory warehouses, such as for construction projects, as well as for warehouses associated with manufacturing plants.

KnarrTek's distribution solutions include the ability to track the receipt and put away of materials, their picking and packing in response to customer orders, as well as the shipment of materials to customers, other warehouse and manufacturing plants.

Some of the reasons that make KnarrTek the ideal choice for tracking and managing warehouse operations include:

The KnarrTek warehouse management and distribution software is specifically designed for  industrial applications as well as for the warehousing and distribution of products regulated or controlled by Government agencies such as the FDA, USDA, DoD, FAA, and FEMA. It is not intended for high-volume direct-to-consumer warehouses, such as those operated by organizations such as Amazon. It is, however, used for shipping products to the distribution centers used by big-box retailers,  restaurant and supermarket chains.

The KnarrTek software includes the capability for monitoring the loading of trailers to ensure that the correct materials get loaded on each trailer. This software can also generate packing lists, bills of lading and electronic manifests at the completion of loading. It can also can be integrated with shipping systems, such as those for UPS and FedEx. The KnarrTek can also generate advanced shipment notice data for delivery by EDI software , as well as exchange data with supply-chain management systems.

For more information about how KnarrTek can help you with your specific industrial distribution or warehousing issues, please contact KnarrTek by clicking on the [Contact Us] button below:

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