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While the BellHawk software, which is provided by KnarrTek,  can track containers of material using pre-printed rolls of LPN (License-Plate-Number) tracking barcodes, many applications arise where custom labels need to be produced which contain multiple barcodes in different formats as well as human readable information.

The format of these labels often depends on the product, the customer, the destination, as well as on other user defined parametrs. They have to be printed on a number of different printers, each holding different media, possibly in black and white on some printers and in clor in others. Some labels may also need to have embedded RFID tags in which data is also encoded.

Attempting to produce such a wide variety of labels by manually entering data into a label printing program and then manually printing out the labels is a time consuming and error prone process.

BellHawk enables users to import Excel spreadsheets to set up rules for which format labels will be printed on which printers with which data from the BellHawk database. This enables the labels to be printed automatically as part of the mnormal data entry, using mobile computers, without any additional data entry.

Because the labels and the data are selected using "expert systems" rules, personnel in receiving, production, and shipping, as well as material handlers, do not have to try to remember, or look up, which label needs to be printed for which application. Instead, all the decision making is embedded in the BellHawk printing rules so these people can have the system select the right label, populate it with the right data, and print it out on the right data automatically.

This is a tremendous time saver but, more importantly it ensures that correct labels, with the correct data, in the correct format are attached where needed to products and containers. This can avoid penalties or even rejection of shipments for faulty product delivery to customers. It can also result in non-payment because customers did not credit the supplier for the delivery.

The BellHawk barcode labeling capability is fully compatible with producing GS1 complaint labels for use in the Global Supply Chain and is easily integrated into both the Cloud and locally installed versions of BellHawk.

Please click here to learn more about Barcode Label Printing with BellHawk

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