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Technology Solutions for Industrial Operations Management Problems

KnarrTek Inventory and Operations Tracking Solutions

KnarrTek provides technology solutions for operations management teams in manufacturing, distribution and other industrial enterprises. These systems can:

  1. Provide operations managers with a real-time view of the status of their operations at multiple different locations, including customer orders, inventory, assets, materials flow, work-in-progress, as well as picking, packing, shipping and, if needed, installation.
  2. Provide decision support for managers in planning what materials to make or buy, and when, as well as dynamically scheduling the making of products.
  3. Automatically distribute purchase orders, work orders, pick, pack and ship orders to the appropriate supplier, manufacturing plant, warehouse, or field site for action.
  4. Provide alerts and warnings to managers when events occur that managers need to pay attention to, including activities not being carried out in a timely manner.
  5. Prevent expensive mistakes by providing real-time feedback, about operational mistakes that they are about to make, to materials handlers, production workers and other personnel in warehouses, factories, and at other industrial sites.
  6. Collect historical operational data and use this to provide decision support for analysis of past performance, to provide regulatory compliance, and to provide inputs for scheduling and planning decision support.
  7. Provide sales and customer support people with the status of customer orders and shipments and also automate communications with customers and their systems.

KnarrTek solutions consist of software, services, and, where needed, equipment and supplies, to provide a complete turnkey solution to its clients. KnarrTek is able to quickly deliver these solutions at cost-effective prices by using its own software platforms that typically provides over 90% of each solution working “out-of-the-box”, which the experts at KnarrTek can then quickly customize to the specific needs of each client.

These software solutions are used by smaller single manufacturing plants and industrial distribution warehouses, all the way up to large global organizations that need to coordinate operations across many geographically distributed plants and warehouses.

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