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How BellHawk Does Work-in-Process Tracking

Material Flow

BellHawk builds upon its operation and materials tracking capabilities to track work-in-process in manufacturing plants. It does this by tracking the receipt and put-away of raw materials. It then tracks the conversion of those raw materials into finished products through a sequence of manufacturing operations. BellHawk can then record the packing and shipping of the finished products to customers.

Operation Scans

As part of this, BellHawk is able to record the materials consumed and materials produced by each manufacturing step as well as the WIP materials flowing from operation to operation. This includes using stored Billed of Materials (BOMs) to check that the correct materials are being used to make the products.

BellHawk's work-in-process tracking capabilities are also applicable to secondary operations, such as kitting, repackaging, and relabeling performed in distribution warehouses.

As with operations tracking, the recording of materials transformation information is based on the use of a barcoded traveler, which can be based on a work-order imported into BellHawk through MilramX or generated within BellHawk, based on BOMs, Routes, and other information stored as part of the BellHawk Item Master record. Click Here to Learn More

Some of the capabilities resulting from BellHawk's work-in-process data capture process include:

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