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KnarrTek WIPTracker Custom Manufacturing Operations Tracking Solutions

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The KnarrTek JTS, MTS, and JMTS systems meet the needs of a wide-variety of barcode tracking applications in most manufacturing plants and industrial distribution warehouses. There are still circumstances, however, where these standard systems do not have the desired capabilities.

To meet these special requirements, KnarrTek also provides custom WIPTracker solutions based on the BellHawk real-time work-in-process, job and materials tracking platform and the MilramX distributed automated information exchange software platform, which are also used as the basis of KnarrTek's standard JTS, MTS, and JMTS products.

WIPTracker projects start out with a system design-phase, if the application is complex, or the agile implementation of a pilot system, if the application is limited in scope and well defined, or a combination of the two. This then leads to the creation of an implementation plan and a phase-by-phase estimate for the non-recurring implementation cost plus an estimate of the annual rental cost for the BellHawk and MilramX software to be used in implementing the system.

The initial proposal for the design-phase or pilot from KnarrTek will typically give an estimate cost for these activities plus, if feasible, a budgetary cost for the overall system and the expected annual rental cost. Clients are then expected to prepay for the design/pilot phase, followed by prepayment on a phase-by-phase basis plus the BellHawk and MilramX software rental fees for operational use of the software as the system incrementally goes live.

Please note that it is generally less expensive to use a standard KnarrTek JTS, MTS, or JMTS product, and to use the standard DEX/MDEX interface, where possible, and to pay for support services incrementally, using Support Services Bundles, as needed. This is because you are taking advantage of the cost savings from using bundles of BellHawk software modules in the standard products and not paying for each individually.

For more information about WIPTracker solutions, please download a PDF of the data sheet on KnarrTek WIPTracker Custom Solutions

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