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KnarrTek Materials Management Decision Support Technology

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The purpose of the KnarrTek Decision Support Software is to make sure that everyone in an organization has the information they need to effectively perform materials management, where an when they need it.

It does this by:

  1. Automatically gathering materials tracking and management data into a materials tracking databank, so that it can be used for materials management. This data includes materials tracking data as well as data on customer orders, purchase orders, work orders, and ship orders..
  2. Automatically exchanging data between system so that users have the materials tracking and management information they need, in the systems they normally use, when they need it. This is to avoid duplicate data entry and to avoid unnecessary delays in propagating the information between systems.
  3. Examining data as it is updated in the materials tracking databank and generating Email or text message alerts when situations arise that they need to pay attention to.
  4. Providing a materials management portal through which users can visualize and report on the status of their  materials and related management orders. This portal can also be used for importing and exporting data in the form of Excel spreadsheets.
  5. Facilitating the implementation of custom reporting, based on the contents of the databank, using tools such as SQL Server Reporting Service or other Business Intelligence reporting tools.

The KnarrTek Materials Management and Decision Support Software is based on the MilramX software platform. Please click here for an Overview Of the MilramX Software Platform

Please click here for more details about the KnarrTek Real-Time Materials Tracking and Decision Support Software and its Pricing

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