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KnarrTek's ' manufacturing operations tracking solutions are based on the use of the BellHawk Software. These enable the rapid and cost-effective implementation of a variety of cost-saving operations tracking solutions for manufacturers and other industrial organizations.

Capabilities of these solutions include:

These production tracking solutions can be used stand-alone or can be used with ERP systems to provide the detailed work-in-process tracking capabilities that most ERP systems lack.

In these situations work orders can be transferred from the ERP system to the BellHawk tracking system, using BellHawk's DEX interface. Then BellHawk tracks work-in-process in real-time through the "black hole" of production and feeds back the resultant materials and labor consumed, as well as the products made, to the ERP system, again using the DEX  automated data exchange interface.

Please click here to download the BellHawk Software Handbook

Please click here to learn about Cost Savings from using BellHawk Work-in-Process (WIP) Tracking Solutions.

Please click here to learn about the Three Ways that the BellHawk software can do WIP Tracking.

Please click here to watch a Simple Work-in-Process (WIP) Tracking Demonstration Video.

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