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In implementing real-time industrial industrial materials tracking systems for its clients, KnarrTek uses two software platforms:

BellHawk - which uses technologies such as barcode scanning, RFID, and mobile computing to track materials and operations within manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses. In doing this BellHawk tracks the receipt of materials and their put-away. It then tracks the transformation of those materials into finished products, followed by tracking the picking, packing, and shipping of those products to customers. BellHawk also incorporates capabilities such a rules-based barcode labeling and data collection interfaces to equipment such as RFID portals, weighing scales, and process control equipment.

MilramX - which automates the transfer of information between many different systems used in industrial organizations. It does this by monitoring different sources of information, such as database tables, web interfaces to applications, and equipment interfaces to look for changes in the data. MilramX then interprets this data to decide which information needs to be passed to other systems and/or sent to people in the form of Email or text messages. Its primary application is in interfacing BellHawk to a wide variety of other systems and equipment. MilramX is also used to implement decision support systems for industrial organizations based on a real-time analysis of the materials tracking data.

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