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Features of KnarrTek ERP Solutions

Benefits of KnarrTek ERP Solutions

  1. Affordable: can be setup for as little as $5,000 and used for as little as $1,000/month
  2. Expandable: start small and then add features as you need them
  3. Easy to use - designed specifically for use by mid-sized make-to-order manufacturing operations
  4. Quick to Implement: No complex multi-year deployments; KnarrTek will have you up and running in a few weeks.
  5. DIY: Can save money by having your own people do as much of the setup as they can
  6. But: Expert help is always available from KnarrTek at affordable hourly rates
  7. Can generate your own custom reports - no need for expensive software developers
  8. Simple DEX interface for data exchange with other systems
  9. Save expensive overhead labor and prevent mistakes by eliminating use of paper forms
  10. Can integrate with CAD systems, plus process control equipment, to save labor costs and prevent mistakes

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