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Layers in a KnarrTek Real-Time Decision Support Systems

KnarrTek Work-in-Process Tracking Solutions

KnarrTek Industrial DSSs start with a real-time data collection system using data collection technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing. This layer is often integrated with shop floor equipment such as weighing scales, barcode label printers, and process control systems through IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) devices.

KnarrTek DSSs often automatically exchange information with other systems, such as ERP and accounting systems, as well as with engineering computer aided design (CAD) systems and E-commerce sales systems. They then use this information to aid in the collection of data as well as to feed data to process control and other shop-floor systems.

Using the data collected by the data collection layers, and that imported from other systems, the DSS is able to form a real-time integrated "world-view" of the status of jobs, materials, machines, customer orders, projects, and what people are currently working on.

This information is then made available to managers in real-time anywhere, anytime they have an Internet connection. The DSS can then use the status information from the world-view to assist managers in planning what materials to purchase or to make and when. It can also use this information to automatically advise equipment operators and material handlers as to what they should work on next to help assure that customer orders get delivered on time.

The DSS can also continuously monitor activities in the world-view, relative to the real-time plans and schedules and send text and Email messages to managers, as well as production workers, when there are situations that they need to pay attention to or to take action.

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