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Automated Supply Chain Information Exchange

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KnarrTek uses the MilramX software to implement automated information exchange applications, related to the supply chain.

MilramX can be setup to periodically look for new data in specified tables the BellHawk database and to interpret this data to:

The MilramX software can also used by KnarrTek to read data from tables in external databases and to automatically import this into BellHawk.

MilramX is a rules-based expert system that typically provides over 90% of the needed code for implementing automated information exchange applications, either pre-coded or automatically generated on demand. This enablesKnarrTek to implement automated information exchange interfaces in much less time and at significantly lower cost than writing these interfaces "from scratch". It also results in much more reliable interfaces which can run 24x7 without needing human intervention.

Technical details about MilramX can be found on

MilramX forms the basis of the DEX interface which enables remotely reading and writing tables in the BellHawk database by reading and writing tables in a SQL database in a Windows Workstation running in each plant or warehouse.

To discuss your automated supply chain information exchange requirements with a KnarrTek expert, please select the [Contact Us] button below.

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