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Automated Data Exchange Interfaces

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The MilramX software platform, which is distributed by KnarrTek, provides automated data exchange interfaces as decribed in detail on . The primary purpose of these data exchange interfaces is to avoid time wasted in duplicate data entry and to prevent data entry mistakes.

These interfaces also facilitate information exchange between the systems used by different departments within an organization. They enable different departments to use systems that are most suitable for their needs and yet enable the organization to function as an integrated whole.

This is in contrast to trying to find one system that meets the needs of all the departments within an organization, which is an impossibility in most cases because of their conflicting needs.

While implementing custom information exchange interfaces can be expensive, the labor costs and mistakes inherent in working around the shortcomings of an (expensive) one-size-fits-all system can be much higher.

MilramX is a rules-based expert system that typically provides over 90% of the needed code for implementing automated data exchange interfaces, either pre-coded or automatically generated on demand. This enables systems integrators to implement automated data exchange interfaces in much less time and at significantly lower cost than writing these interfaces "from scratch". It also results in much more reliable interfaces which can run 24x7 without needing human intervention.

These custom interfaces are primarily, but not exclusively, for automated data exchange between BellHawk barcode tracking systems and a wide-variety of ERP and accounting systems, as well as for data exchange with upstream and downstream supply chain systems and CAD systems.

MilramX forms the basis of the DEX interface which enables remotely reading and writing tables in the BellHawk database by reading and writing tables in a local database. This same software is used as the basis of the DEXBox which provides an IIOT interface from local in-plant systems to BellHawk running at a remote data center.

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