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KnarrTek Job and Materials Tracking Software (JMTS)

Operations Tracking

The KnarrTek Real-Time Job and Materials Tracking System (JMTS) is manufacturing software that enables operations managers and their staff to track their inventory and manufacturing operations in real-time in one integrated system.

JMTS is used by a wide-variety of manufacturers, with a special emphasis on those organizations doing short-run, custom or semi-custom, quick-turn production runs. JMTS is used by food, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers, as well as by engineer-to-order organizations in the construction and defense industries

It is also used by repair and maintenance organizations as well as by industrial distributors who do secondary operations such as kitting and assembly.

Replacing Paper Forms

JMTS enables manufacturing and industrial distribution organizations to transition from using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to track their operations and inventory to using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing for real-time data capture.

JMTS also:

Please click here to download a data sheet in PDF format that describes the capabilities of the KnarrTek Job and Materials Tracking System (JMTS) in detail, including the technology, it uses and the benefits provided.

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Also, please click on the Data Sheets link below to access other data sheets on topics related to JMTS.

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