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BellHawk Software

Licenses to use the BellHawk software are available from KnarrTek for:

  1. Annual rental for installation on a client's own Windows Server computer.
  2. A one-time purchase fee  for installation on a client's own Windows Server computer.
  3.  Use on server computers managed by KnarrTek on a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription basis.

The online subscription version of BellHawk is designed to make it quick and easy to get started using BellHawk with minimal IT support, especially if one of the standard packages is used. As each client gets their own private website and database on a BellHawk Online server, these can be easily transferred to a client's own Windows Server when needed.

These same licenses are available from KnarrTek's BellHawk Reseller partners, who also resell the required barcode scanning and printing equipment and supplies, needed for complete system installation.

The BellHawk software consists of three base systems:

Please click here for more details about BellHawk Software Product Prices.

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