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KnarrTek's BellHawk Online and BellHawkRx software-as-a-service systems provide a low-cost and easy-to-use operations tracking solution for those organizations that need to perform real-time operations tracking but simply want to use the software "in-the-Cloud" without needing to invest in their own servers or the people to maintain these systems.  The BellHawk software is also available through KnarrTek, on a rental basis, for use on a Windows Server as part of a clients' private Cloud.

BellHawk Online and BellHawkRx run at a secure data center in the USA and can be accessed over the Internet using any device that supports a web-browser. Each client company gets their own private website through which to access their data and their own private database in which to store their data.

Data collection can be performed in real-time from anywhere there is an Internet connection on a variety of devices including:

With its use of "Magic Forms", BellHawk makes it easy for materials handlers and machine operators to quickly and accurately collect needed data and provides immediate point-of-action warnings when they are about to make a data collection or operational mistake.

Operations status can be viewed anywhere, at any time, using any device that supports a web-browser, including Android smart phones and iPhones. BellHawk is is an integrated system but is modular so that clients can start by subscribing to just the tracking functions they need. Then clients can then add functionality, as they need it, by subscribing to additional modules.

BellHawkcomes with a complete set of screens, reports, and Excel exports through which users can selectively view and report on the real-time status of their operations.

BellHawk  has many rules that can be configured by users for their specific applications by using Excel imports. This includes being able to specify custom data collection fields.

Clients do not need to purchase or use a barcode label printer with BellHawk Online. All materials tracking can be performed using pre-printed rolls of "license-plate" tracking barcodes, such as that shown here, which are available at affordable prices from our partners.

Also barcoded travelers, receiving and picking sheets can be printed on office laser printers. BellHawk Online integrates best practices for tracking materials, such as "license-plate" tracking as well for tracking manufacturing operations.

If printing of custom barcode labels for attachment to products, boxes, and pallets is required then the BellHawk Barcode Label Printing Appliance (BOL-BLPA) can be used to enable rules-based printing on a wide range of different barcode label printers, based on data in the BellHawk database.

BellHawk can be used stand-alone or data can be exchanged with other systems using Excel file imports and exports.

For automated data exchange with other systems or for producing custom reports we recommend the use of the BellHawk IIOT DEXBox appliance. The DEXBox provides a simple table-based interface to BellHawk that is local to the facility in which it is installed.

KnarrTek's BellHawk software has many capabilities but is priced to make it suitable for use by small and mid-sized organizations as well as by departments within larger organizations.

KnarrTek's  BellHawk Online and BellHawkRx services include the use of secure encrypted communications, mirrored hard drives, nightly backups to the "Cloud" of each client's data, and restoration from this backup in the event of a system crash. They also includes secure data-center support services such as backup diesel generator power and redundant Internet connectivity to ensure a high up-time.

For more details about using BellHawk on a subscription basis, please see or or select the [Contact Us] button for more information about installing BellHawk on your own Windows Servers or in your own private Cloud.