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Specialists in Tracking and Tracing the Flow of Materials in the Industrial Supply Chain

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The staff of KnarrTek are specialists in assisting organizations to implement systems to track and trace the flow of materials in the industrial supply chain. These include systems to track the following, in real-time:

These systems are based on the use of License-Plate-Number (LPN) tracking methods and the BellHawk software. KnarrTek also implements supply chain  Information Exchange systems, using the MilramX software, to integrate information flow about materials between manufacturing plants, warehouses, field sites, distribution sites, as well as with customer, supplier, and shipping systems.

Clients include manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, engineering, construction, repair, and defense contractors.

For smaller organizations, KnarrTek makes its supply chain materials tracking technology available in easy-to-use packlaged form, at an affordable price. through its and Cloud-based services for its industrial and medical supply chain clients, respectively.

For larger clients, with their own IT departments, KnarrTek provides the BellHawk and MilramX software for installation on their own Windows Servers and can then assist clients to customize these for their specific requirments..

The BellHawk and MilramX software are both open architecture platforms that enable configuration and customization for each client's specific requirements. These customizations can be performed by the KnarrTek staff, by the client's own IT and programming staff, or as a team effort. 

For smaller clients, BellHawk Online and BellHawk Rx can typically be configured to meet their requirements without customization.

Systems for larger clients frequently  require customization to meet specific data capture or reporting requirements.

The MilramX automated data exchange is a rules-based expert system that can automatically exchange data between multiple systems. It typically provides over 90% of the required code for these interfaces prebuilt or automatically generated.

Implementing these interfaces requires setting up data exchange rules and sometimes programming data exchange algorithms using .Net programming. This is typically done by a team comprised of KnarrTek staff and a client's own IT staff and consultants that are familiar with the interfaces of the systems to be integrated.

The BellHawk software can capture data using a wide variety of barcode scanner equipped devices, including PCs, tablets and moble computers anywhere there is an Internet connection. It also integrates rules-based automated barcode label generation, integration  with weighing scales, as well as integration with RFID and other position location devices.

As well as providing the BellHawk and MilramX software, KnarrTek also provides a full range of support services, including:

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