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KnarrTek assists its clients to implement materials tracking and traceability, work-in-process tracking, and operations management systems, as well as enterprise and supply chain information integration systems using the BellHawk and MilramX software. This software, which is supported and distributed throughout North America by KnarrTek, enables KnarrTek's clients to rapidly implement these systems at an affordable price.

The BellHawk software, is an integrated production and inventory tracking system that uses barcode and mobile computer technology to capture work-in-process and license-plate-number materials tracking data in real-time. BellHawk enables managers within industrial organizations to see the status of their operations in real-time, helps prevent operational mistakes, and captures operational cost and regulatory compliance materials traceability data.

BellHawk Software

The MilramX software is a real-time AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform, which is used for implementing enterprise and supply-chain information integration systems and also for performing real-time alerting of managers and other personnel when events occur that need their attention. MilramX can periodically examine the BellHawk and other databases to collect specified data and then applies rules and other algorithms to this data in order to send information to other systems as well as to send Text and Email messages to people . Its roles include exchanging ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) information with EDI and FTP systems used for interaction with supply chain partners.

BellHawk Software

KnarrTek  sells and rents the BellHawk software for installation on each client's own Windows Server. KnarrTek  also provides the BellHawk software on a subscription basis on servers managed by KnarrTek at secure data centers in the USA.

KnarrTek provides the MilramX software, at no additional cost, as part of information integration systems, which KnarrTek works as a team with its clients to implement.

Please click here for details of the BellHawk Software Options and Pricing.

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